Habanero is a casino game software maker founded in 2010. The company has offices in Ukraine, Bulgaria, South Africa and the Philippines. Habanero slots and backend systems have been certified by BMM Testlabs and iTech Labs which evaluate the fairness of online games.

By the end of 2016, all Habanero games were switched to HTML5. HTML5 provides smooth and modern gaming that works without any plugins in all devices including tablets and mobile devices.

London Hunter slot from Habanero.

This is London Hunter slot game from Habanero.

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Table of Contents

  • Habanero Slot Game Features
  • New Habanero Slots
    • 1. Loony Blox
    • 2. Wild Trucks
  • Most Popular Habanero Slots
    • 1. Ways of Fortune
    • 2. Jump!
  • Highest RTP Habanero Slots
    • 1. London Hunter (RTP 97.94 %)
  • Recommended Bitcoin Casinos with Habanero Slots
  • User Reviews
  • FAQ
  • Final thoughts

Habanero Slot Game Features

Here are some features of Habanero slot games.

  • Habanero slot game selection has 105 titles at the moment. There are also 13 table games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat and 10 video poker games.
  • Habanero games support 21 languages.
  • Games run on modern HTML5 technology with no drivers or plugins needed to download. HTML5 slots run also well on all devices, including desktop devices, tables and mobile phones.
  • Habanero has certificates or licenses for 16 markets: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Isle of Man, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Sweden, Columbia, Denmark, Gibraltar, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom.
  • Habanero slots have been tested by BMM Testlabs and iTech Labs for game randomness and fairness.
  • Some games have very high RTP (Return to player) percentages, like London Hunter (more below) with 97.94 %.
  • Some slot feature info screens are hard to understand and needed reading again for many times.

New Habanero Slots

Here are some of the newest Habanero slot games.

1. Loony Blox

Loony Blox is a brand new comic styled slot founded in February 2020.

Loony Blox features a cool Character Feature. During the base game, either the Elephant, Dog or Bunny character is visible on the screen for up to 250 spins. After that the character will be replaced by another character.

Loony Blox slot by Habanero.

This is the Loony Blox slot game. Here the Character feature is the Dog (or whatever it is?), that will activate the wins to pay both ways.

These are the different features for characters:

  • If the Elephant is visible: Any Wild symbol appearing in a winning combination expand to all positions on the reel.
  • If the Dog is visible: Wins pay both ways.
  • If the Bunny is visible: Any 2 – 5 reels will lock for any random spin and land with identical symbols.

Loony Blox slot by Habanero.

The Elephant character will enable the Wilds symbols to expand to the whole reel.

The Map Feature is triggered if any of the Character symbols appear in a winning combination during the base game. Then the 3 different Car symbols will move for 1 dot for each triggering Character symbol. If multiple directions are available, a single direction will be chosen at random.

Loony Blox slot by Habanero.

This is the Map Feature. If you hit any of the Character symbols (Dog, Elephant or Bunny), the car that belongs to the Character will move the amount you got the symbols. If the car stops to a Green spot, you will be awarded the Bonus Game of 12 Free Spins.

You get a Bonus Game of 12 Free Spins if one of the 3 Car symbols will land on the Green Dot symbol. Any Car symbol during the Bonus Game activates the Character symbols for the duration of the Bonus Game. Also multiple characters can be combined during the Bonus Game.

Loony Blox slot by Habanero.

This is how the Bonus Game looks like.

In overall Loony Blox has really cool and special features like the Characters and the Map Feature. The general feeling is really happy and the music and graphics are like from a high quality Disney cartoon.

Also the RTP (Return to player) percentage is quite good with 96.71 %. Definitely take a look on this slot if you are into comic themed slots.

Game released: February 2020
RTP (Return to player):
 96.71 %
Variance: High
Layout: 5 x 3
Betting lines / combinations: 243

2. Wild Trucks

Wild Trucks is testosterone-pumping slot game with cool trucks, skulls, pistons and diesel smoke. And good old rednecky flamed baseball caps and fuzzy dice of course. As a petrolhead, this is a game for me!

Wild Trucks slot from Habanero.

This is adrenaline pumping slot Wild Trucks from Habanero.

If you collect 4 of the Trucks in order Red – Yellow – Purple – Orange – Blue respectively on the reels, you will be awarded a full reel Wild symbol. The Wild happens randomly on any reel.

Wild symbol substitutes all symbols.

Wild Trucks slot from Habanero.

Wilds expand to full reels.

If you hit the same Truck symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5, that triggers a Free Spins Bonus Game. Also Wild symbols can substitute the Trucks on this case.

The amount of free spins is based on the Truck type. If you hit these trucks on reels 1, 3, 5 you get:

  • Red truck awards 25 free spins.
  • Yellow truck awards 20 free spins.
  • Purple truck awards 15 free spins.
  • Orange truck awards 12 free spins.
  • Blue truck awards 10 free spins.

There is a also a huge Free Spins Jackpot. If you hit the Wild symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5, you will be awarded 75 free spins!

Wild Trucks slot from Habanero.

The Free Spins Bonus Game is very generous with up to 25 or even 75 free spins!

During the Free Spins Bonus Game, if 2 or more of the same Truck symbol appear on the same row, all symbols between the same leftmost and rightmost Truck symbol will be changed to Truck symbol before pays are awarded. This goes for the longest and the highest paying Truck symbol for each row only.

In conclusion Wild Trucks is a fresh slot game with good petrolhead spirit. Also the bonus features are interesting and keep the flow going on. The feeling is that there is something happening all the time, so there are a lot of features in this slot. My recommendations to Wild Trucks!

Game released: June 2019
RTP (Return to player):
 96.71 %
Variance: High
Layout: 5 x 3
Betting lines / combinations: 15

Most Popular Habanero Slots

Here are some of the most popular Habanero slots introduced.

1. Ways of Fortune

Ways of Fortune is 5 reel Japanese samurai-themed slot with unique reel grid of 3-3-4-4-4. The topmost 3 symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5 are always the same random symbol, except the Horse symbol.

The game has very nice old times Japanese atmosphere with peaceful music and cool animations. The feeling is immersive and well made.

Ways of Fortune slot by Habanero.

This is the Ways of Fortune slot by Habanero.

The Samurai symbol is the Wild symbol and substitutes all symbols except the Horse symbol.

The Horse symbol is the Scatter symbol. If you hit 3, 4 or 5 Horse symbols anywhere on the reels, you will be awarded 10, 15 or 20 free spins respectively.

Ways of Fortune slot by Habanero.

Some gameplay of Ways of Fortune slot.

Ways of Fortune slot by Habanero.

This is how the Free Spins Bonus Game looks like.

In overall Ways of Fortune is quite good slot game with unique reel grid. The bonus features could be little more exciting in my opinion. However the slot works great as a whole and is worth testing out for every Samurai fan.

Game released: July 2018
RTP (Return to player):
 96.64 %
Variance: Low
Layout: 3-3-4-4-4
Betting lines: 576

2. Jump!

Jump! is 5 reel fruit slot game with interesting 2-2-3-4-4 reel structure. The reels are variable and keep increasing in rows for each respins you get awarded.

The Joker Hat symbol is the Wild symbol and substitutes all symbols. The Joker can appear only once on screen during the base game.

Jump! slot from Habanero.

This is Jump! slot game from Habanero.

Also any Joker symbol will award a re-spin. Any win during respins will award another respin. The reels will expand on each respin.

Jump! slot from Habanero.

The reels will expand in rows after each re-spin awarded.

bonus game of 7 free spins will be awarded once after 4 re-spins played are played succesfully. The bonus game has bigger reels with full 5 x 4 symbol grid.

The Joker symbol sticks to the reels during respins and the bonus game and jumps to adjacent block every spin (where reels are the same size).

Jump! slot from Habanero.

This is the Free Spins Bonus Game that will be played with full 5 x 4 reels.

The Stacked Spin feature is an interesting one. Any winning symbol on the screen activates the corresponding symbol in the Stacked Spin display above the reels. Once all the symbols are activated, you will trigger the Stacked Spin feature.

In that feature 5 of the same random symbol (excluding the Joker) will appear anywhere on the screen before the reels land.

Jump! slot game was a nice surprise. The slot is quite simple but is exciting with the variable reels and respins. Also hunting for the stacked spin keeps going on. If you are into fruit slot games, Jump! is a great one with interesting features.

Game released: September 2018
RTP (Return to player):
 96.66 %
Variance: High
Layout: 2-2-3-4-4
Betting lines: 1024

Highest RTP Habanero Slots

These are the highest RTP (Return to player) percentage slots I found from Habanero.

1. London Hunter (RTP 97.94 %)

London Hunter is steam punk themed 5 reel slot with old Victorian London feelings. There are symbols with moustached gentlemen with huge laser weapons…and dinosaurs of course. The theme is very interesting and fresh take on the classic subject.

London Hunter slot from Habanero.

This is London Hunter slot game from Habanero.

The Dinosaur symbol is the Wild symbol and substitutes all symbols. It appears only on reels 1 and 5.

Wild Expansion is activated when the Right Fuel Tank is filled to capacity in the base game. It is de-activated when the expansion occurs.

What the Wild Expansion means? When active, each Dinosaur symbol together with the Moustache Man symbol activates the Dinosaur symbol to 2×2 size.

Also 2 expansions can occur if 2 Moustache Man symbols appear together with 2 Dinosaur symbols.

The Multiplier Feature is activated when the Left Fuel Tank is filled to capacity in the base game. It’s deactivated when any win occurs. All wins are multiplied 3x when active.

You are granted a Bonus Game of 10 free spins if a Moustache Man symbol appears on reel 1, Laser Weapon symbol appears on reel 2 and a Dinosaur symbol appears on reel 5. Wild Expansion is always activated in the Bonus Game.

London Hunter slot from Habanero.

This is the Free Spins Bonus Game in London Hunter.

Bonus game starts at x1 multiplier. Additional x1 multipliers are awarded if the Left Fuel Tank is filled to capacity in the feature. Also +2 additional free spins are awarded if the Right Fuel Tank is filled to capacity in the feature.

Both Fuel Tanks will fill to capacity during 2 – 6 spins in the feature.

In general London Hunter is a very cool slot game with fresh theme. Also the RTP (Return to player) percentage is very good with 97.94 %.

Game released: April 2017
RTP (Return to player):
 97.94 %
Variance: Medium
Layout: 5 x 3
Betting lines: 25

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