Lightning baccarat

Lightning baccarat

Lightning Baccarat, the latest sensation from Evolution Gaming, delivers an electrifying twist to the classic card game. With randomly generated Lightning Cards and high-payout multipliers, every round is a thrilling adventure. Whether you're a seasoned baccarat player or new to the game, Lightning Baccarat offers an exhilarating experience that's easy to dive into. Discover the excitement of Lightning Baccarat and try your luck for a chance to win big with Evolution Gaming's electrifying creation.

Lightning Baccarat, a dynamic creation by Evolution Gaming, offers a captivating twist on traditional baccarat. With electrifying multipliers, seamless gameplay, and the chance to win up to x512 your stake, it’s an adrenaline-pumping experience you won’t want to miss.


Lightning Baccarat, introduced to the public during the 2020 ICE event, is another electrifying addition to Evolution Gaming‘s renowned “Lightning” series of live casino games. Lightning Baccarat is one of the popular online baccarat Singapore games, famous for its multiplier and good payout bonus. While Lightning Roulette and Lightning Dice had already succeeded, Lightning Baccarat marked the first entry in this series based on a card game. The concept behind the Lightning series revolves around enhancing classic table and card games with high-payout RNG multipliers, making gameplay more thrilling and rewarding.

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lightning baccarat

In Lightning Baccarat, you can expect between 1 and 5 randomly generated Lightning Cards to appear in each round, introducing multipliers ranging from x2 to an exhilarating x8 to any winning hand. The beauty of this game lies in its adherence to the standard baccarat rules, ensuring that you won’t need to learn any new gameplay mechanics.

Lighting Baccarat Game-Specific Features:

  • First card game of Lightning series: Lightning Baccarat is the pioneering card game in Evolution Gaming’s Lightning series, promising an electrifying experience for card game enthusiasts.
  • High-payout RNG multipliers: The game incorporates high-payout RNG multipliers, adding a layer of excitement to each round.
  • 8 standard 52-card decks: Lightning Baccarat is played with eight standard decks, ensuring a fair and unpredictable gaming experience.
  • Optimized for various devices: Whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, Lightning Baccarat offers seamless gameplay across multiple platforms.
  • Lightning Round: A special Lightning Round features multiplier payouts of x2, x3, x4, x5, or x8, intensifying the excitement and potential winnings.
  • Two side bets: Players can explore two side bets—P Pair and B Pair—adding an extra layer of strategy and potential rewards.
  • 20% Fee for Lightning payouts: A 20% fee is applied to the main bet to fund the Lightning payouts, ensuring substantial multipliers for lucky winners.
  • RTP slightly lower than standard Baccarat: Lightning Baccarat offers a return to player (RTP) percentage slightly lower than standard Baccarat, providing players with unique gameplay dynamics.
  • Multipliers of up to x512 your stake: With the possibility of multipliers reaching up to x512, Lightning Baccarat offers remarkable winning potential.

Lighting Baccarat Odds & Payouts:

  • Player – 1-512:1
  • Banker – 1-512:1
  • Tie – 5-1,310,720:1
  • Side bets:
  • P Pair – 9-576:1
  • B Pair – 9-576:1
  • Return to Player Percentage:
  • Player – 98.76%
  • Banker – 98.59%
  • Tie – 94.51%
  • P Pair – 88.35%
  • B Pair – 88.35%

Lightning Baccarat Rules:

  • Dealt from an 8-deck shoe.
  • Bets can be placed on Banker, Player, or Tie.
  • Two additional side bets for Banker Pair and Player Pair are available.
  • The hand closest to a value of 9 wins.
  • Aces count as 1 point, cards from 2 to 9 hold face value, and 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 0 points.
  • A 20% Lightning fee is applied before cards are drawn.
  • Random multiplier values are assigned to 5 random cards drawn in the Lightning Round.

How To Play Lightning Baccarat:

  • Begin by selecting whether to bet on the Banker or Player hand, with the option to bet on a tie.
  • Additional side bets for Player or Banker Pair offer enhanced payouts.
  • A 20% Lightning Fee is added to the total bet.
  • The Lightning Round follows, where up to 5 cards are randomly selected and assigned multipliers of x2, x3, x4, x5, or x8.
  • The main game round commences, with cards dealt to both the Banker and Player positions following standard baccarat rules.

Game Rounds:

  • Betting Round: Place bets and learn the card values.
  • Lightning Round: 5 random cards are drawn and assigned multipliers.
  • Main Card Round: The standard baccarat round is played, with a 20% fee for the main bet.

Free Lightning Baccarat Live Feed:

  • At the top of this page, you can access a live feed of Lightning Baccarat gameplay. This offers an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the game before diving into the electrifying action firsthand.


Lightning Baccarat by Evolution Gaming is a thrilling addition to the “Lightning” series, bringing electrifying excitement to the world of card games. With its high-payout RNG multipliers, seamless gameplay on various devices, and the potential for multipliers of up to x512, it’s a must-try for casino enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for an electrifying twist on classic baccarat, don’t miss out on Lightning Baccarat. Experience the rush of multipliers, side bets, and high-stakes gameplay. Try your luck and explore Lightning Baccarat today to discover the electrifying world of card gaming with Evolution Gaming.

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