Yggdrasil is an online casino game provider that was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Malta. They quickly obtained their first casino license in the same year and made the switch from outdated Flash technology to modern HTML5-based slots by 2014. Yggdrasil refers to their HTML5 platform as iSENSE.

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Since then, Yggdrasil has continued to enhance their products and has received numerous prestigious awards in the iGaming industry, including recognition at EGR and International Gaming Awards conventions.

Beauty & the Beast slot by Yggdrasil.

One of their popular slots, Beauty and the Beast, offers an impressive RTP (Return to Player) percentage of up to 97.0% when played with the right strategy. You can find more information about this in the related article.

Currently, Yggdrasil holds licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), UK Gambling Commission, and Gibraltar. All of their games undergo testing by iTech Labs, ensuring that the Random Number Generator (RNG) used in Yggdrasil slots is fair and generates random outcomes.

Yggdrasil’s game portfolio features over 70 video slots, three blackjack games, and one Golden Chip Roulette game. Their wide range of offerings caters to different player preferences.

The name “Yggdrasil” has a mythical origin in Norse cosmology, where it symbolizes a tree connecting the Nine Worlds. It can also be interpreted to mean “Odin’s horse” in old Norse language. The Yggdrasil company logo, resembling a tree, further supports this interpretation. You can find more information about this on Wikipedia if you’re interested.

Yggdrasil’s slot games come with several noteworthy features. They are all developed using modern HTML5 technology, allowing players to enjoy them on various devices such as desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. The slots also have informative screens, and clicking on symbols during gameplay provides additional information about them.

Having tested several Yggdrasil slots, I can attest to their high quality in terms of music, sounds, animation, gameplay, and bonus features. Yggdrasil’s games stand out and showcase a level of skill that surpasses many other casino game providers.

In my opinion, Yggdrasil ranks among the top three casino game providers worldwide in terms of game quality, special features, and smooth gameplay.

Yggdrasil logo

Table of Contents

  • Yggdrasil slot game features
  • New Yggdrasil slots
    • 1. Brazil Bomba
    • 2. Temple Stacks Splitz
  • Most popular Yggdrasil slots
    • 1. Golden Fish Tank
    • 2. Vikings go to Hell
  • Highest RTP Yggdrasil slots
    • 1. Tut’s Twister (RTP: 97.1 %)
    • 2. Beauty & the Beast (RTP 96.3 % – 97.0 %)
    • More high RTP Yggdrasil slots to try
  • Recommended Bitcoin Casinos with Yggdrasil slots
  • User Reviews
  • Final thoughts
  • FAQ

Yggdrasil slot game features

Here are some features of Yggdrasil slot games.

  • Yggdrasil game portfolio features now over 70 video slots, 3 blackjack games and one Golden Chip Roulette game.
  • All games are made with modern HTML5 technology that allows playing slots in all devices, including desktop, tablets and mobile devices.
  • The slots have very good info screens. You can also click the symbols in the gameplay to the reels if you want to find more info about a particular symbol.
  • All slots I tested were very high quality in music, sounds, animation, gameplay and bonus features. Yggdrasil seems to be just on another level when compared to many other less skilled casino game providers.
  • In my opinion Yggdrasil is probably one of the TOP 3 casino game provider in the world in game quality, special features and gameplay smoothness.

New Yggdrasil slots

Here are some of the newest Yggdrasil slot games.

1. Brazil Bomba

Brazil Bomba is a brand new Brazilian samba carnival themed slot published in February 2020. The game looks really cool with colorful symbols and a purple sunset color theme. Like in all other Yggdrasil slots, the level of gameplay smoothness and animations are on a very high level.

Brazil Bomba has a special 8 x 6 slot board with smaller symbols and the game mechanic is quite similar to a popular Reactoonz slot game.

Brazil Bomba slot game by Yggdrasil.

Brazil Bomba is a 8 x 6 slot game with a cool Brazilian samba theme.

You win by landing at least 6 symbols next to each other. The symbols can be vertically, horizontally or diagonally connected. The pay tables go up to 48 symbols, which will give the biggest win with regular symbols.

Brazil Bomba slot game by Yggdrasil.

There are no specific reels, but instead if you land 6 – 48 symbols next to each other, you win by the prize table.

When the symbols hit a win, they clear out from the slot board and more symbols drop down, just like in Reactoonz slot game.

If you land 3, 4, 5 or 6 Free Spins symbols, you will be granted 5, 10, 15 or 20 Free Spins respectively.

Brazil Bomba slot game by Yggdrasil.

During the free spins, you can get huge multipliers with each dropdown or Bomb triggered. Here I managed to get a nice x14 multiplier.

The Bomb Feature means that if you land a Bomb, that will explode in a star formation clearing up to 16 reel positions.

Brazil Bomba slot game by Yggdrasil.

The Bomb Feature in action.

There is also a Multiplier feature. For each symbol dropdown or landing the Bomb feature activates a multiplier and it goes up by 1. The multiplier resets after you don’t get any dropdowns or Bombs anymore.

The Multiplier however doesn’t reset during the Free Spins.

Brazil Bomba slot game by Yggdrasil.

If you are lucky, you can also get good multipliers also during the regular gameplay. Here can you see also the Bomb feature just to be about to explode.

In conclusion Brazil Bomba is a very cool slot game. Especially the feeling is great in this one, everything works well as a whole. Also the gameplay is smooth and everything just flows forward when you are playing. Quite ok RTP (Return to player) percentage with 96.3 % and high volatility can bring high winnings to players if you are lucky.

Also the Bonus Free spins are exciting with rising multiplier. Well done Yggdrasil, one great slot game published!

Game released: February 2020
RTP (Return to player):
 96.3 %
Variance: High
Layout: 8 x 6
Betting lines / combinations: 8975

2. Temple Stacks Splitz

Temple Stacks Splitz is an Aztec themed slot game by Yggdrasil. Maybe the world can take one more Aztec game so let’s take a look.

The Splitz™ is a special slot structure by Yggdrasil. This means that Splitz symbols or reels can happen during the game. They will reveal anything from 3-9 symbols of the same kind.

Temple Stacks Splitz slot by Yggdrasil.

This is Temple Stacks Splitz is a brand new slot game with special Splitz symbol structure.

The Free Spin symbol is a hybrid as the slot info calls it. This means it has two functions: it can act as a Wild symbol when 2 lands. Or it can act as a Free Spin symbol when 3 or more lands.

Landing 2 Hybrid symbols triggers a respin with those 2 symbols as Sticky Wilds.

Temple Stacks Splitz slot by Yggdrasil.

In the center you can see the golden colored Splitz stacks that open up with symbols of the same type.

Landing 3, 4 or 5 Free Spin symbols awards you Free Spins + Cash prizes of x1, x10 or x100 times the bet respectively.

How many Free Spins you are granted? There are 4 levels of Free Spins. First 4 times you trigger Free Spins, each time a new level is unlocked. The levels are Gold, Silver, Bronze and Steel. These are the amounts:

  • 3 Free Spin symbols: 15 Free spins (Steel), 9 Free spins (Bronze), 6 Free spins (Silver) or 3 Free spins (Gold).
  • 4 Free Spin symbols: 20 / 12 / 8 / 4 Free spins.
  • 5 Free Spin symbols: 35 / 21 / 14 / 7 Free spins.

Temple Stacks Splitz slot by Yggdrasil.

Here you can also see the Splitz reel that is about to open up.

Temple Stacks Splitz is an interesting slot game with cool symbol structure with Splitz symbols and reels. Otherwise the slot game is quite basic with features, but the general quality of gameplay, animations, sounds and music is once again very high level like in all Yggdrasil games I have tested so far.

Game released: January 2020
RTP (Return to player):
 96.1 %
Variance: Medium-High
Layout: 5 x 3
Betting lines: 243

Most popular Yggdrasil slots

Here are some of the most popular Pragmatic Play slots introduced.

1. Golden Fish Tank

Golden Fish Tank is a cartoonish fish-themed slot published in February 2016.

The animations, water and the fish in the tank look really lively and colorful. Everything looks sleek and up to date even though the slot is dated back to 2016.

Golden Fish Tank slot by Yggdrasil.

This is Golden Fish Tank slot by Yggdrasil.

The sounds are ok, but there is no background music at all (except in the Free Spins bonus game). That would make a little more feeling to the game. There are only some music jingles when won something.

Otherwise the gameplay is quite standard with 5 x 3 symbol grid, Wild symbols and Free Spins bonus games.

Golden Fish Tank slot by Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil slots have a great feature where you can click any symbol to find out the payouts. No need to go to the info screen and forgetting which symbol you were trying to check.

Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except the Free Spins symbol.

If you get 3, 4 or 5 Free Spins symbols you are granted 6, 8 or 10 free spins respectively.

There is also a Golden Bet special feature. Golden Bet can be found from the +5 symbol next to the spin button. This feature costs 5 coins per spin and if you trigger Free Spins Bonus Game with Golden Bet feature enabled, you will have an Extra Feature pick.

Golden Fish Tank slot by Yggdrasil.

When you get the Free Spins bonus game, it starts with the Feature pick. If you have made the spin with Golden Bet you get one more feature to pick. The features are in the sea shells and pottery items and you can make your choices yourself.

The Golden Bet also makes your RTP (Return to player) percentage a little higher. It is 96.4 % when playing with the Golden Bet and 95.9 % when playing without, so activating the Golden Bet is a good choice.

These are the Feature Picks in the Free Spins Bonus Game:

  • 2-4 Extra free spins.
  • x2 Multiplier on all wins.
  • High stacks of Fish symbols on the reels (only one fish type can be stacked in a free spin round).
  • One of the Fish symbols acts as a Wild symbol.
  • 1-2 Random wilds. Wild is added to a random position each free spin.
  • Sticky Wild symbol. A wild is added to the game area and it stays in the same position during the free spins bonus game.

Golden Fish Tank slot by Yggdrasil.

The Free Spins bonus game looks like this. There are different graphics and even a background music which doesn’t exist on the regular gameplay. The Features I won to this bonus game can be seen in the bottom left corner.

In overall Golden Fish Tank is a very high quality slot game where everything just works. But on the other hand the slot lacked a little feeling in my opinion. I would hope a good background music for instance and maybe more bonus features to keep the game interesting for a longer time.

Definitely take a look however if you find this slot interesting.

Game released: February 2016
RTP (Return to player):
 96.4 % with the Golden Bet option on, 95.9 % if disabled.
Variance: Medium
Layout: 5 x 3
Betting lines: 243

2. Vikings go to Hell

Vikings go to Hell is the newest slot game in the Vikings-series published in May 2018. The same slot series has also titles Vikings go Berzerk (November 2016) and Vikings Go Wild (August 2015).

Vikings go to Hell is a slot game with some role playing elements where you must collect Rage Points for your Vikings and fight demons and other boss monsters.

The graphical outlook resembles like the old PC roleplaying game Diablo II in my opinion – which is just great. As Diablo II was one of my favourite action-RPG games of that time. Also the Treasure Chest cards brings Magic the Gathering card game to my mind.

Vikings go to Hell slot by Yggdrasil.

This is Vikings go to Hell slot game by Yggdrasil. One of the main objectives for the slot is collecting Rage Points for the four Vikings on the left side of the screen. If you get 100/100 points for one of the Vikings, you will be granted special Berzerker Free Spins.

Also the animations, music and sounds are really epic and fit this slot perfectly. The music feelings also change very fluently according to game situation. For example when spinning the reels the music goes to Battle Mode. Great job here!

The special features are quite complicated and I try to clear them out here the best I can.

Free Spins, Respins and Wild symbols

If you land 3, 4 or 5 Free Spin symbols, you are granted 7, 12 or 16 Free Spins.

If you land 2 Free Spin symbols, you summon the Demon to fight the vikings. Victory will award Rage Points and Wild symbols. Also the 2 Free Spin symbols trigger a Respin. All Wilds become sticky during that.

There are also Wild symbols in the regular gameplay. All Wilds in Free Spins are always sticky.

Collecting Rage Points

You will start the game with 50 Rage Points for the first Viking. The Rage Points are kept between playing sessions. Here’s how you can collect Rage Points:

  • Every Wild attained during a battle with a regular demon, Lord of Chains or Lucifir awards 1 Rage Point.
  • You can get 30 Rage Points for 1 Viking in a base game Treasure Chest.
  • You can get 30 Rage Points for all 4 Vikings in a base game Treasure Chest.
  • Berzerk Free Spins don’t collect Rage Points.

Basic Game Demon Fights

If 2 Free Spin symbols land on the reels, a demon fight will occur with each Viking symbol on the reels.

Each time a Viking wins a fight, the Viking turns into a Wild symbol and 1 Rage Point for that specific Viking is awarded.

Vikings go to Hell slot by Yggdrasil.

If you get 2 Free Spin symbols, all the Vikings on the reels will begin their fight against the demons. If Vikings win, they will turn into Sticky Wilds for the Respin that happens after all the fights. Also Rage Points are collected, one for each victory.

Level 1 Free Spins

You can trigger Level 1 Free Spins by collecting 3 or more Free Spin symbols or winning a Free Spin trigger in the Treasure Chest.

In this Free Spin mode all Viking symbols that appear on the reels fight a demon. If they win, they will award 1 Rage Point each and turn into a Wild symbol. All Wild symbols in the Free Spin mode are sticky.

In the Level 1 Free Spins there is a Lord of Chains monster. Every hit on the boss destroys 1 Health bar. If you destroy all 3 Health bars you will defeat the Lord of Chains.

Vikings go to Hell slot by Yggdrasil.

Here is an example of Level 1 Free Spins and the battle against the Lord of Chains.

How to hit the Lord of Chains? When at least 1 Viking symbol is present, the Lord of Chains will fight a random Viking on the reels. If the Viking wins the fight, the Lord will get one hit and one Health bar is removed from the Lord of Chains. Also the Viking turns into a Sticky Wild symbol.

Defeating the Lord of Chains will award you 2 Random Sticky Wilds and an access to proceed to Level 2 Free Spins.

Vikings go to Hell slot by Yggdrasil.

During the free spins, the last battle of each spin is the battle against the Boss Monster, here the Lord of Chains. If you win, one health point is reduced from the Lord. Defeating the Lord of the Chains will give you prizes and awards you the access to Level 2 Free Spins.

Level 2 Free Spins

In Level 2 Free Spins you start with 7 Free Spins and previous Wilds are reset. The boss monster to defeat is Lucifir. Defeating Lucifir works the same way as the Level 1 monster.

The victory will award you 1 Random Sticky Wild and all Vikings turn into Wild symbols for remaining free spins. Also the win will multiply your wins from all Free Spins with x3 multiplier.

Berzerk Free Spins

The Berzerk Free Spins feature is really interesting. You collect Rage from defeating Demons and finding Treasure Chests. If you fill the rage meter to 100/100 on one Viking, you will be awarded 7 Level 1 Free Spins in a Berzerk Mode.

Vikings in Berzerk Mode will always win against the Demon and other Boss monsters. No Rage Points will be awarded however.

Treasure Chests

This is the Treasure Chest feature. If you land the Treasure Chest symbol to reel 5, that awards you 1 Stone Tablet that can be either Epic or Good Tablet. Each Stone Tablet reveals a reward.

Vikings go to Hell slot by Yggdrasil.

Here’s an example of the Treasure Chest event.

The rewards in the basic game are for Epic Tablet:

  • 12/16 Free Spins OR
  • 30 Rage Points for all Vikings OR
  • 600 – 1200 Coins

Good Tablet:

  • 7 Free Spins OR
  • 30 Rage Points for 1 Viking OR
  • 150 – 300 Coins

The rewards in Free Spins bonus game are for Epic Tablet:

  • 3 Extra Free Spins OR
  • 1 Sticky Wild Reel (Reels 1-4 only)

Good Tabled:

  • 2 Extra Free Spins OR
  • 2 Random Sticky Wilds

Vikings go to Hell slot – In Conclusion

In conclusion Vikings go to Hell is an excellent slot game with many interesting multi-level features. The graphics, music, animations and actually everything is executed on a top level.

On my personal list this slot game is definitely a TOP 3 slot game of all time. Of course I personally like anything that has some Role Playing game elements that remind me of the classic old PC games like Diablo II for example.

But if you like these kinds of epic RPG-style slots, definitely give Vikings go to Hell slot game a try!

Game released: May 2018
RTP (Return to player):
 96.1 %
Variance: High
Layout: 5 x 4
Betting lines: 25

Highest RTP Yggdrasil slots

These are the highest RTP (Return to player) percentage slots I found from Yggdrasil.

1. Tut’s Twister (RTP: 97.1 %)

Tut’s Twister is a 5-reel Ancient Egypt themed slot game with the best RTP (Return to player) percentage I found from Yggdrasil slots with 97.1 %.

Tut's Twister slot by Yggdrasil.

This is Tut’s Twister slot game by Yggdrasil with a very good return to player percentage of 97.1 %.

This can be considered good or very good as there are few slots with even better RTP rates. Generally the return percentages vary around 95 – 96 % so this is great anyway.

Tut’s Twister is the name of the slot but also a special feature. If you land 2 or more Wild symbols, that will trigger the Tut’s Twister feature. That awards you Respins with Walking Wilds and an increasing multiplier.

Tut's Twister slot by Yggdrasil.

Here’s the Tut’s Twister feature in action. Respins are over and the Twister has thrown some Wilds into the reels.

The leftmost reel will turn into a Twister –  That means it is a locked Wild Reel. All other Wild symbols will walk towards the Twister until they are sucked in. You will receive respins until there are no Wilds on the reels anymore.

Tut's Twister slot by Yggdrasil.

Here’s also the Tut’s Twister feature in action. The Twister will suck all the Wilds into the twist and you will have respins so long until all Wilds have been sucked in. Also the multiplier increases by x1 for each 3 Wilds.

Once the Twister is activated, each 3 Wilds on the screen increase the multiplier by x1.

If there are no Wilds remaining on the reels, 1 extra respin is awarded to land a Walking Wild symbol. This is called the Last Chance. If no wilds land on the last spin, the Twister scatters all the wilds accumulated and the final win is granted with the multiplier achieved.

Tut's Twister slot by Yggdrasil.

Tut’s Twister feature here also with x2 Multiplier for all the rest of the respins.

The Mystery Feature is very cool also. If you land exactly 1 Wild symbol in the base game, this will award you one of the prizes here:

  • 1 Hieroglyph
  • Extra Wild + Tut’s Twister feature
  • 25 – 2500 Coins
  • No award

So what are the Hieroglyphs? Each reel has its own collection of 3 – 5 Hieroglyphs shown in the top of the reels. If you fill a reel’s collection of Hieroglyphs, the Tut’s Twister will activate on that reel. The triggered reel awards 1 extra Wild for each of its collected hieroglyphs.

Tut's Twister slot by Yggdrasil.

Note the Hieroglyphs in the top of the reels. When you fill the Hieroglyphs on one reel, you will be also granted the Tut’s Twister feature on that reel.

In conclusion Tut’s Twister is not just another new Ancient Egypt themed slot game. The Twister feature will bring genuine new elements to the gameplay and also collecting the Hieroglyphs can be exciting.

Also the RTP rate is quite good with 97.1 %. In my opinion, Tut’s Twister is one of the best Ancient Egypt themed slots out there, at least easily a TOP 3 one. Very good job Yggdrasil!

Game released: June 2018
RTP (Return to player):
 97.1 % (Very good!)
Variance: Medium
Layout: 5 x 4
Betting lines: 25

2. Beauty & the Beast (RTP 96.3 % – 97.0 %)

Beauty & the Beast (some casinos call it Beauty and the Beast) is a 5 reel slot game based on the old French story La Belle et la Bête – Beauty and the Beast. The story was written by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve in 1740. More about this on Wikipedia if you are interested to read.

Let’s take a look on the Yggdrasil slot now. The RTP (Return to player) percentage varies from 96.3 – 97.0 % depending on the strategy you choose. Read more about this below in this review.

Beauty & the Beast slot by Yggdrasil.

This is the Beauty and the Beast slot by Yggdrasil. The active Servants can be seen to the left of the reels (All now inactive).

There are a lot of special features in this slot. The first feature is the Servant. That means one Servant can appear randomly each spin in the base game.

Here are the 3 Servants and the skills explained:

  • The Butler: Nudges one reel up or down one position to give the best possible outcome.
  • The Chef: Synchronizes the three middle reels.
  • The Maid: Places 2 – 4 Wild symbols in random positions.

You can get Free Spins by gathering enough Rose symbols. If you get:

  • 3 Rose symbols you will be granted 10 Free Spins.
  • 4 Rose symbols you will be granted 10 Free Spins + 1000 Coins.
  • 5 Rose symbols you will be granted 10 Free Spins + 5000 Coins.

Each time a Free Spin mode is triggered, you get to choose one Servant to help you. Once you have all the Servants in the Free Spin Mode, you cannot trigger Free Spins again anymore.

Beauty & the Beast slot by Yggdrasil.

This is the choice you can make when you get the Free Spins. Normally you can pick 1 Servant, but here I had the Boost Golden Bet feature activated and I could make 2 Servant choices.

Re-triggering Free Spin mode resets the Free Spins to 10 and awards an extra Free Spin Servant. Your original Servant will still stay in the play.

Wild Symbols substitute all symbols except Free Spin symbols. The Wild symbol is the Broken Mirror symbol in the base game and the Mirror symbol in Free Spins mode.

The Golden Bet feature is very interesting. If you want, you can enhance your bet with 3 possible levels:

  • Boost (Cost 5 coins per spin): Start your free spins with 2 features instead of 1.
  • Nudge (Cost 15 coins per spin): You can win Free Spins more often. A Free Spin symbol landing just outside the game area is nudged in if it will give you Free Spins.
  • Boost & Nudge (Cost 30 coins): Combine both Boost and Nudge features to give the best possible Free Spin mode.

Beauty & the Beast slot by Yggdrasil.

This is the Boost Golden Bet you can choose. Cost is +5 Coins per spin.

Beauty & the Beast slot by Yggdrasil.

Here is the Nudge Golden Bet. Cost is +15 Coins per spin.

Beauty & the Beast slot by Yggdrasil.

This is the combined Boost & Nudge Golden Bet. Cost is +30 Coins per spin.

The RTP (Return to player) percentage varies between 96.3 % – 97.0 % depending on your strategy. You can read the full RTP percentages from the slot info screen (the “legal” symbol). But here’s the best and worst RTP’s explained:

  • Best RTP 97.0 %: Choose the Nudge Golden Bet and pick the Servants in this order: Butler, Chef, Maid.
  • Worst RTP 96.3 % is for example this: Choose the Boost Golden Bet and pick the Servants in this order: Maid + Butler, Chef.

Beauty & the Beast slot by Yggdrasil.

Here you can see the Chef Servant in action. It synchronizes the 3 middle reel symbols like in the image.

Beauty & the Beast is a cute and well made slot game with huge amount of features. Also you can choose different strategies with the Servants and Golden Bets which is interesting.

The music, sounds, animations and gameplay is once again on a very high level even though this is not the newest slot game out there (published in 2017).

My recommendations to Beauty & the Beast if you like cartoonish slots with a lot of bonus features. Also the RTP (Return to player) percentage is great with 97.0 % if you choose the right strategy (more on this above).

Game released: February 2017
RTP (Return to player):
 96.3 % – 97.0 % (Very good!)
Variance: Low-Medium
Layout: 5 x 3
Betting lines: 20

More high RTP Yggdrasil slots to try

Here are few more high RTP Yggdrasil slots if you want to give them a try:

  • Wilhelm Tell (RTP: 97.0 %)
  • Baron Samedi (RTP: 97.0 %)
  • Nitro Circus (RTP: 97.0 %)
  • Dwarf Mine (RTP: 96.8 %)
  • Holmes and the Stolen Stones (RTP: 96.8 %)
  • Winter Berries (RTP: 96.75 %)
  • Fruitoids (RTP: 96.7 %)
  • Robotnik (RTP: 96.7 %)
  • Ozwin’s Jackpots (RTP: 96.7 %)
  • Wicked Circus (RTP: 96.5 %)

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