iSoftBet is an online casino game provider founded in 2010. The company has online gaming certificates or licenses in 16 regulated markets including countries like UK, Italy and Switzerland.

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iSoftBet has offices in the UK, Romania and Malta.

Fishin' for Gold slot by iSoftBet.

This is Fishin’ for Gold slot game by iSoftBet.

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Table of Contents

  • New iSoftBet slots
    • 1. Roo Riches
    • 2. Fishin’ for Gold
  • Most popular iSoftBet slots
    • 1. Rambo
    • 2. Paranormal Activity
  • Highest RTP iSoftBet slots
    • 1. The Ruby (RTP 97.5 %)
    • 2. 3 Charms Crush (RTP: 97.23 %)
    • More high RTP iSoftBet slots to try
  • Recommended Bitcoin Casinos with iSoftBet slots
  • User Reviews
  • FAQ
  • Final thoughts

New iSoftBet slots

Here are some of the newest iSoftBet slot games introduces.

1. Roo Riches

Roo Riches is a brand new kangaroo-themed slot game published in January 2020. Roo Riches has a lot of Australian feelings with the mystical music full of Didgeridoo and other cool traditional instrument sounds.

Roo Riches is a quite basic 5 reel slot game with a Free Spins Bonus Game, Random Cash Chip Spins and a feature that can be bought separately: Lightning Bet.

Roo Riches slot by iSoftBet.

This is Roo Riches slot game by iSoftBet.

The bonus features are like this.

The Cash Chip Spin occurs randomly. All chips in the reels are cashed in instantly.

Roo Riches slot by iSoftBet.

This is the random feature Cash Chip Spin where all the money chips are cashed in instantly.

If you want, you can press the Lightning Bet to enter the special betting mode. During Lightning Bet spins, only cash chips are in play. Any which land in view will be cashed in.

Lightning Bet will cost 200 x selected coin value.

Each chip will activate the position, turning it blue. If you activate all 15 positions, you trigger 3 x Lightning Respins.

With Lightning Bet you can trigger Lightning Respins and win up to 15 000 coins.

Roo Riches slot by iSoftBet.

This is the Lightning Bet feature. Each spin (one spin!) will cost quite a lot: 200 x Coin value.

Roo Riches slot by iSoftBet.

This is how to enter the Free Spins Bonus Game. If you get 3 or more Bonus symbols, you get access to the Bonus Game.

In the Free Spins, only cash chips are in play. All symbols that land on the reels will be cashed in.

If you get 3, 4 or 5 scattered Bonus symbols, you will be granted 7, 10 or 15 Free Spins respectively.

Roo Riches slot by iSoftBet.

Here’s the Free Spins Bonus Game in play. All the money chips will be cashed in instantly. There are no other features in the Bonus Game.

In overall Roo Riches slot game didn’t impress me. The music is nice, but it’s looping the same part again and again and it gets boring after a while. Also the sounds could be better and more inspiring.

The gameplay also needs something more. The basic gameplay is very…basic with only Bonus symbols. There are no Wild symbols in play.

Random Cash Chip Spins bring a little variance to the play, but the Free Spins Bonus Game was really boring. You only wait for the money chips and cash them in – that’s it.

Also the special feature Lightning Bet was weird. It costs a lot (200 coins!) for just one spin! The spin can also be blank and there goes 200 coins and practically nothing happened.

The RTP (Return to player) percentage however is very good with 97.66 %.

In conclusion Roo Riches is very basic and bland slot game. I personally would pick some other slot as this slot was just quite boring to play. For example the next slot introduced, Fishin’ for Gold is in another level in my opinion compared to this.

Game released: January 2020
RTP (Return to player):
 97.66 %
Variance: Unknown
Layout: 5 x 3
Betting lines / combinations: 10

2. Fishin’ for Gold

Fishin’ for Gold is a cartoonish 5-reel slot game with ice fishing theme. This slot is also brand new published in February 2020.

Fishin' for Gold slot by iSoftBet.

This is Fishin’ for Gold slot game by iSoftBet.

Let’s check first the bonus features of Fishin’ for Gold.

Golden Fish on reels 2, 3 and 4 triggers the Fishin’ for Gold Bonus which is practically a Free Spins Bonus Game with a feature to choose in the beginning. So first you can choose your faithful Fisherman out of four choices: Polar Bear, Penguin, Walrus or Lion (?!).

Fishin' for Gold slot by iSoftBet.

Here are the four characters you can choose for the ice fishing competition. There you can hunt for bonus symbols for the free spins bonus game afterwards.

Then the four characters start an ice fishing competition and try to catch bonus features for the free spins bonus game. You can try to catch symbols for extra Wilds and also Wilds with multipliers x2, x3 or even x5.

Fishin' for Gold slot by iSoftBet.

The ice fishing competition going on! My character was the Penguin in this one.

During the Free Spins, any symbols caught on the ice fishing competition Bonus Round act as Wild symbols. These can be spotted from the Golden color of all Wilds. They can substitute any symbol except the Gone Fishin’ signs.

There can be also Golden Wild Multipliers which will multiply any wins they are part of.

During the free spins, for every 3 Gone Fishin’ symbols collected you will be awarded 2 extra free spins.

Fishin' for Gold slot by iSoftBet.

This is the Free Spins Bonus Game. Note the Golden Wild symbols with x5 multiplier here. You can activate the Multiplier Wilds if you are lucky in the ice fishing competition prior to the Free Spins.

There is also a Bonus Chance feature. Land exactly 2 Bonus symbols to boost the Bonus Chance meter.

You can spin the wheel at any time for a chance to trigger the bonus. The more Bonus symbols you have collected, the greater the chance to trigger the bonus. Each spin of the wheel will cost 1x current bet amount and the wheel will reset to zero after each spin. The green area indicates the winning area in the wheel.

Fishin' for Gold slot by iSoftBet.

The Bonus Chance meter can be seen in the top right corner. Not much bonuses so far in this game.

In conclusion Fishin’ for Gold is quite nice slot game. The features are fairly simple, but they work well as a whole. The free spins bonus game with ice fishing competition is well thought out. The ice fishing event will affect a lot to the free spins bonus outcome if you get a lot of multipliers.

The music and sounds could be more interesting and they get a bit boring after a while. But as a whole Fishin’ for Gold is a very good and entertaining slot game in my opinion!

Game released: February 2020
RTP (Return to player):
 96.05 %
Variance: High
Layout: 5 x 3
Betting lines: 25

Most popular iSoftBet slots

Here are some of the most popular iSoftBet slots introduced. iSoftBet has acquired a lot of rights to movie title slots, and here are the two best (in my opinion) introduced: Rambo and Paranormal Activity.

Especially Paranormal Activity is an excellent and scary slot game – a must for all horror movie fans!

1. Rambo

If Rambo played slot games, he would definitely play Rambo the slot game. This is a slot game for all action packed guerrilla warfare action movie fans out there. Like me. Along with Terminator movies, Rambos were my favourite movies back when I was younger. And they still are. But let’s look at the Rambo slot game now.

There are 720 different paylines available. Winnings are awarded from left to right with adjacent symbol combinations.

Rambo slot by iSoftBet.

This is Rambo slot by iSoftBet.

Here are the special features introduced.

The Rambo Wild symbol replaces all symbols except Scatter and Progressive symbols. During Free Spins, Wilds will not count with any extended symbols.

If you get enough Scatter symbols, the rewards are like this:

  • 3 Scatter symbols awards you 5 free spins + 5 x total bet prize.
  • 4 Scatter symbols awards you 10 free spins + 10 x total bet prize.
  • 5 Scatter symbols awards you 15 free spins + 15 x total bet prize.

At the beginning of Free Spins Bonus Game, one symbol is randomly chosen from 10 normal symbols. After the initial pays are made, this symbol can extend to the whole reel to award additional wins. Wilds do not count after extended symbols and only the chosen symbol will award wins.

If you get 3 or more Scatter symbols during the Free Spins Bonus Game, that will award additional 15 Free Spins while keeping the same extendable symbol.

Rambo slot by iSoftBet.

The Progressive Jackpots can be seen around the reels.

The Progressive symbols (the Golden Hand Grenade symbol) can be anywhere on the reels in the regular game and also during the Free Spins Bonus Game. The progressive symbols will trigger these different Jackpots like this:

  • 5 Progressive symbols will trigger the Bronze Jackpot (About 26x bet).
  • 6 Progressive symbols will trigger the Silver Jackpot (About 88x bet).
  • 7 Progressive symbols will trigger the Gold Jackpot (About 410x bet).
  • 8 Progressive symbols will trigger the Diamond Jackpot (About 8000x bet).

The Jackpot prizes can be seen around the slot reels. The jackpot sizes are proportional to your bet size.

Rambo slot game is a great package of war action put to a form of a slot game. The background sounds have explosions, bombings, helicopters and other sounds familiar from old Vietnam war movies and especially Rambos. There are also some animations taken from Rambo movies when you win something with major symbols.

The Bonus Free Spins game was really hard to trigger and in fact I couldn’t trigger it at all during the few hours testing session. Either Rambo is a really high volatility slot game or I had just bad luck for a long session.

Otherwise I would wish a little more special effects to the play. Rambo slot game would benefit a lot from bigger animations, explosions and other action flying over the reels. Maybe also the music could be better and make the feeling more intense. There are just few short jingles when you win something.

Also the bonus game could have some idea of guerrilla warfare or some other plot taken from Rambo movies.

So in conclusion Rambo slot is not an awful slot game, but I feel that with a little effort it could be a way better and a really big hit among action fans. I feel that something is missing in graphical sense (explosions etc) and also the bonus features lack some excitement and a story.

Anyway for Rambo fans this slot is a must. At least go test it and check if you like it or not.

Game released: Probably 2018 (Some sources pointed to 2013 which I think is not true)
RTP (Return to player):
 97.02 %
Variance: Unknown
Layout: 3-4-5-4-3
Betting lines: 720

2. Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is a slot game base on a horror movie with the same name published in 2007. The movie received positive reviews upon release and was something new in the horror film scene at the time. The iSoftBet slot game was published in 2016.

The Paranormal Activity slot has a quite standard 5 x 3 symbol structure. There are 243 ways to win. There are no regular paylines, but instead wins are awarded from left to right with adjacent symbol combinations.

I personally haven’t seen the movie yet, but let’s check how the slot game succeeds.

Paranormal Activity slot by iSoftBet.

This is Paranormal Activity slot game by iSoftBet.

Bonus symbols exist only on reels 1, 3 and 5. All 3 Bonus symbols in the reels will award you the Bonus Wheel.

The Bonus Wheel can give you the following prizes:

  • Paranormal Spins: This feature means Unlimited Free Spins until 5 wins, with increasing multipliers. Multipliers go up like this: x1, x2, x3 ,x4 and x5 with the 5 wins.
  • Possessed Spins: 10 Free Spins with extra stacked Wilds to boost the winnings.
  • Demon Spins: 15 Free Spins with random Demon symbol adding extra Wild symbols. Also the Demon symbol is a Wild symbol.
  • Instant Wins: Amounts will be multiplied by the coin value used to trigger the Bonus Wheel.

In general the Bonus Wheel was really difficult to get in my tests. I don’t know if it’s just an iSoftBet feature, but I had the same problem while testing the Rambo slot. Or it’s possible that I just had a bad run while testing.

I managed to get one cash prize and one time the Demon Spins. Demon Spins was really cool feature with red screen and the Demon shooting more Wilds into the reels.

Paranormal Activity slot by iSoftBet.

3 Bonus symbols will award you this Bonus Wheel. The wheel will decide which bonus feature you will get.

Paranormal Activity slot by iSoftBet.

Here I managed to get 15 Demon Spins. In this feature the Demon symbol appears randomly in the reels. It is a Wild symbol and also shoots more Wilds to the reels.

There is also a scary Paranormal Activity feature. This can appear randomly at the start of any normal spin. Up to 5 extra Wild symbols will be generated randomly and frozen in place for the reels for that spin.

Paranormal Activity slot by iSoftBet.

Here is the scary Paranormal Activity random feature in the play. Random Wilds appear in the reels here.

Scatter symbols will pay you in any position from 3 – 5 Scatters.

The Wild symbols can replace all other symbols except Bonus and Scatter.

Paranormal Activity slot by iSoftBet.

The general feeling in Paranormal Activity is great. The screen hisses randomly to create more horror film atmosphere.

In conclusion Paranormal Activity was a really good surprise. The slot will keep the typical feeling of horror films well and also the features support this. Especially the random Paranormal Activity feature is really cool. Also the Bonus Wheel is very interesting, but I would personally remove the cash prizes to get more Free Spins features in the play.

If you like horror films in general, you will love Paranormal Activity slot as well. However if horror films are not your cup of tea, skip this slot.

Paranormal Activity is very high quality slot game with great bonus features. Excellent job!

Game released: October 2016
RTP (Return to player):
 96.75 %
Variance: Unknown
Layout: 5 x 3
Betting lines: 243

Highest RTP iSoftBet slots

These are the highest RTP (Return to player) percentage slots I found from iSoftBet.

1. The Ruby (RTP 97.5 %)

The Ruby is a 5-reel slot game that looks like a traditional casino slot machine. Even the background noise consists of casino atmosphere where people are having conversations and playing slots. So if you want to get as close as possible to a brick-and-mortar casino feeling, the Ruby does it well!

The Ruby slot by iSoftBet.

This is The Ruby slot game by iSoftBet. Notice the traditional slot machine outlook with a lot of old school Las Vegas feeling.

Wild symbol replaces any symbol except for Bonus and the Ruby symbols.

Ruby on Fire is a feature where randomly some or all of the reels 1, 3 and 5 can become Wild reels. In addition on reels that are not Wild, random symbols become Wilds.

If you get 3 Bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5, that will trigger the Bonus Round. In the Bonus Round you have the option to spin the bonus wheel with these prizes:

  • Ruby Jackpot (About 1390x bet)
  • Topaz Jackpot (About 557x bet)
  • Cherry Jackpot (About 279x bet)
  • Up to 100x total bet
  • Up to 10 Free Spins + 5x total bet

The Ruby slot by iSoftBet.

If you get 3 Bonus symbols, you will trigger the Bonus Round. In the beginning you are able to spin the Bonus Wheel. It will give you Jackpots, cash prizes or free spins.

If you get the Free Spins, there are some special features. The Ruby symbol only appear during Free Spins. The Ruby is a Wild symbol and it can do also these features:

  • Become a Sticky Wild until the end of Free Spins.
  • Become an Extended Sticky Wild until the end of Free Spins.
  • Award an Instant Win up to 10x total bet.

The Ruby slot by iSoftBet.

Here’s the Free Spins Bonus Game. The Ruby symbol will trigger regular Wilds, Sticky Wilds or expanding Wild reels.

Free Spins cannot be retriggered.

The Ruby slot by iSoftBet.

The Ruby slot game does it well what it was designed to – Bring some old school slot machine feeling!

In overall The Ruby is an excellent slot game if you like old style slot machines and the general feeling of brick and mortar casinos. There are a lot of bonus features, but the Bonus Wheel was really hard to trigger as in many iSoftBet slots I have tested.

Nothing to complain on graphics and animations. However the lack of music with just background noise gets a little boring after a while.

The RTP (Return to player) rate is excellent with 97.5 %.

Game released: December 2018
RTP (Return to player):
 97.5 % (Very good!)
Variance: Unknown
Layout: 5 x 3
Betting lines: 30

2. 3 Charms Crush (RTP: 97.23 %)

3 Charms Crush is an über cute slot game with quite interesting 5 x 5 slot board. This slot has the best RTP (Return to player) percentage I found from iSoftBet slots with 97.23 %. This can be considered good or very good when compared to other slots.

3 Charms Crush slot by iSoftBet.

Here is 3 Charms Crush slot by iSoftBet.

3 Charms Crush consists of only 3 regular symbols: pink, orange and green. The symbols will pay if you get 3, 4 or 5 of them to the same row. The symbols have to start from the left side of the reels to count as a win.

The multipliers vary depending on the row they appear. The topmost row will pay x1, then x2, x3, x4 and the bottom row pays x5.

The Super feature appears when you get 5 of best paying Pink symbols to the bottom row. This is the maximum payout possible.

3 Charms Crush slot by iSoftBet.

The different slot reels pay with different multipliers.

In conclusion 3 Charms Crush is very simple slot game. There is only 3 symbols, no Wild symbols, no Scatter symbols, no bonus games. For me 3 Charms Crush got boring after few minutes.

The graphics and animations look ok, but the cute theme in symbols and music was a bit too much for me. The RTP (Return to player) percentage is however very good.

If you are looking for a really simple and cute slot with good RTP, 3 Charms Crush could be the one. But it wasn’t my cup of coffee unfortunately.

Game released: August 2018
RTP (Return to player):
 97.23 % (Very good!)
Variance: Low-Medium
Layout: 5 x 5
Betting lines: 5

More high RTP iSoftBet slots to try

Here are few more high RTP iSoftBet slots if you want to give them a try:

  • Hot Shots (RTP: 97.15 %)
  • Shaolin Spin (RTP: 97.15 %)
  • Fruit Boxes (RTP: 97.10 %)
  • Wisps (RTP: 97.10 %)
  • Beverley Hills 90210 (RTP: 97.09 %)

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