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gold deluxe online casino review

Gold Deluxe or also known as GD Online Casino, is a reputable brand name in the Asian gambling community. Founded in 2011, this company specialises in top online casino platforms and provide services to other developers from countries like Macau, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

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With its HQ based in the Philippines, Gold Deluxe has over 100 employees and they are well known to hire attractive Asian ladies as table hosts. Currently, Baccarat, Roulette and Sic Bo are the only available live games on their website. Thanks to the wonders of technology, all games are streamed in high definition directly from the Philippines, straight into your phone.

With their main focus set on the Asian markets, the table hosts don’t only act as live dealers only. In fact, they also help to add to the atmosphere so that players would feel right at home. For now, the website supports Chinese and English only, but as you begin to explore, you will find other Asian languages like Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Korean in their games. One thing for certain is that regardless of what games you choose, every table will have an attractive Asian host with a welcoming smile, ready to assist you.

Aside from being your live dealer, your pretty host will only serve as eye candy since there is no other interaction. You will not be able to communicate with her because the live games are streamed without sound. So it might seem a little awkward or rude not say anything in the beginning, don’t worry too much. You’ll get used to it.

Understandably, Gold Deluxe would be able to do so much better if they added a functional chat feature and expanded their game options. But since they are not planning on going global any time soon, they are confident that whatever they have now is enough to keep their clients satisfied.

Assurance and Regulation

Players can rest assured knowing that Gold Deluxe Online Casino is safe because this company has been around long enough to build a strong reputation in the gambling industry. Moreover, Gold Deluxe is licensed and regulated by PAGCOR of Philippines.

Their website, as well as all customer information, is protected by their internal multi-level security to ensure a safe space for all players to gamble. On top of that, their games are regularly audited by 3rd party testers to guarantee fairness for both casino and players. As their main focus is on Asian markets alone, their website supports English and Chinese only.

But as you begin to explore, you will find additional language support such as Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Korean in some of their games.

Their customer helpdesk is available around the clock and can be contacted via email. However, If there are any game-related issues, you may need to raise it with the relevant operator.


Since Gold Deluxe Live Casino built their games using HTML5 technology, this means anyone can access their website on all platforms. No need for downloads or software installations. All games are fully mobile-optimized so you can play their Live Dealers games straight from your mobile browser. You just need to make sure you have an active internet connection.

The interface is very accessible and navigation is a one-handed affair. Players can access game settings, language settings, betting limit information and even read the rules just from the drop-down menu in the top-left-hand-corner. You also have the option to switch between the standard betting grid and the special Racetrack in certain games.

Players also get to play up to three different games simultaneously from within one game window thanks to their Multi-Table option.

Available Games

Gold Deluxe

For now, there are only live table games for Baccarat, Roulette and Sic Bo on this live casino. If you are looking for slots, you will have to search elsewhere as there are no slots on Gold Deluxe. They don’t even have Blackjack. Despite the lack of choices, the company is confident that players will still be satisfied with their products.

Players are allowed to make multiple bets on Traditional Baccarat and request additional time so that they can win more in BidMe Baccarat.

gold deluxe casino

Gold Deluxe is the top betting website in Asia that possesses a reputation for success. Recommended taking this opportunity to experience Gold Deluxe, the online casino that gathers the most games in one place guarantees the unique experience that you have never gain before comparable to actual general casinos. Gold Deluxe has a long-standing reputation; the website carries 2 main games that hold on popularity and renowned to illustrate, Baccarat and Roulette. The 2 games are designed to be simple and nice without the complexity; there are many possibilities for players to follow they aspire to, and they are entitled to play 3 tables simultaneously forward with a dealer to increase the game more entertainment and simulation as a genuine place.

Gold Deluxe Casino


There are 8 tables of baccarat to choose a form of Banker, Player, Tie, Big, Small, Banker Pair, and Player Pair. Standard baccarat and LIVE with tables 3D Live along with dealers. You can join multi-pages simultaneously: double flash, double, Dragon-Tiger, and Super 6 with good payment. There are 5 forms to check the cards. When playing with GC baccarat with UFABET, the start betting is 30 baht up to 150,000 baht and the commission 0.7%.

Gold Deluxe Casino


Bid Baccarat increases the possibility of squeezing cards more than common baccarat. To join the table, but it fulls already ( 7 players/ table), you can bet on side bet of baccarat at bid baccarat GD Platform. It enhances your chance to with the function of the button “Wait”. Thrilling with the first card with the button of “Open” to turn up the card. Join Gold Deluxe BID BAccarat together with a new experience of UFABET: high commission 0.7% in a real-time play.

Gold Deluxe Casino


Roulette Lives from GD Casino, the most popular roulette. There are 3 European styles: number betting, street, separate, and many more bettings at Gold Deluxe Live Roulette. The view of broadcasting is able to zoom in and out with 4K quality imitates the real atmosphere of a land-based casino. There is the previous menu to check the early matches. Enjoy online roulette at UFABET with a high commission of 0.7% in return.

Gold Deluxe Casino


Sic Bo delivers through the phone, which gives you the most convenience to gambling. Exciting with 30 seconds of tossing 3 dices, you are able to place a bet on a high or low score (11 hi-lo). UFABET allows betting with the beginning amount of 30 baht with the return commission of 0.7%.

Gold Deluxe Casino

Gold Deluxe Game

Fish shooting game, an arcade game that success inside and outside the country. GD Platform reforms the game for more smooth enter whether iPhone or Android or computer on HTML 5. Gold Deluxe Featured Game welcomes you to hunt fish for more return.

Gold Deluxe Casino

Online slots with RNG system allow you to discover treasures daily; the jackpots are ready to be taken on Three Kingdoms, 888m, Korean Treasure, King of Kung Fu, and other slots of GD. The slots are easy to hit and higher rewards you will receive on Gold Deluxe Slot.

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